Sami Rahim

Category: Projects

Googa Swings

Googa is the name of a new Slovenian swing brand, that is characterized by quality wood and handcrafted products. A key unique and recognizable details are colorful ropes and an anti-slip flooring with a wooden pattern engraving. Inspired by playfulness, natural materials, modernity, and cleanness, we wanted to communicate happiness and joy present when swinging. It doesn’t matter if a child or an adult nurturing their inner child is swinging.

Lineal Consulting Engineering

Lineal is one of the most innovative provider of consulting engineering and planning of the built environment in the region. With more than 60 experts, they create permanent solutions for the most demanding infrastructural projects at home and abroad. They revived their visual identity and their home page, therefore they needed new presentation photographs.

Climate Path 2050

I’ve won the contest Climate path 2050 with series of photographs showing our small household, trying to keep our planet cleaner and safer. Photos are showing everyday struggle with waste sorting, overloaded lap with groceries when forgeting your cotton bag, and drying clothes without laundry dryer. Ironically, well-known advertising slogans, which in some ways stimulate consumerism and thus burden the environment, coincided with recorded photographs indicating the potential of the series for socially responsible communication.

Predsoba Home & Living

Predsoba is a brand runned by an enthusiast and eternal lover of the era when products were well designed, well made and sustainable. An engineer who resists the hyperconsumptionism by giving life to already written off pieces and implementing them into contemporary interiors. Take a look. And find something neat for your habitat.

Cup of Tea

Cup of Tea is a new Slovenian brand for reloved furniture and interiors. It’s idea leader Tea Gorič  deeply believes, that all objects have a specific energy. That an item, made by human hand, created with care and attention is different from an item that’s been assembled on a production line. These kinds of objects are not sustainable and are certainly not unique. Tea gives new life to used furniture and creates velvet, crochet, knitting and weaving decorative pieces by hand and with all heart.

Activ Project Management

Activ is an Austrian based project management firm with a history longer than 25 years, specialized in international project management as well as energy and shipbuilding solutions in Southeastern Europe. For the purposes of their website refreshment, we’ve made the necessary photo material. Making an impeccable first impression still is invaluable.